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Implementing admonitions in Hugo without theme support
The issue I’m a huge fan of admonitions (like this one below), but couldn’t find a proper way to implement them on top of a hugo theme (e.g. the one I’m using now) without touching it. Admonition Hi! I’m an admonition in Hugo in a theme that does not implement them (nor allows the import of CSS)! Shortcodes! My approach is based on Hugo shortcodes. Unfortunately, searching for info the only blog page I found was broken (and there was no working archived version), so here is what I did: …Read More
2023/05/15 ・
Vector, Loki, GeoIP and Grafana
Everybody loves fancy graphs As an observability geek, I like collecting data to display it on fancy, useless graphs in my dashboard (possibly positioned below the useful ones). I tend to use Prometheus and Grafana Loki in my setups, to collect respectively metrics and logs. I like those two specifically because those are lightweight and powerful solutions. Unfortunately what’s trivial with logging/observability solutions like ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana, a chunky stack), can result in quite a bit of complexity in other platforms, like Prometheus and [Grafana] Loki. …Read More
2023/05/12 ・